Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Assessments

Assessment of the potential impacts of development on the archaeological resource is a core Archaeology Plan service. Early identification of potential archaeological issues assists the creation of an efficient development strategy. All assessments take into account current archaeological legislation and the requirements of the Statutory Authorities.

Most assessments are in response to planning conditions seeking Archaeological Desktop Reports, Archaeological Impact Assessments or a Cultural Heritage Chapter in an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAR).

Our Archaeological Assessments include the following components:

Document and record search to locate and check archaeological sites and monuments within and in the vicinity of the proposed site/development/research area.

A search of the Topographical Files of the National Museum and other relevant archives, to determine whether any archaeological artefacts or other reported material can be associated with the general area.

Study of all relevant maps and cartographic sources.

An analysis of archaeological work (especially excavation) undertaken in the general area over the past number of years.

Historical background research: this will include documentary research in the National Library, Dublin City Libraries, Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Military Archives and other relevant institutions.

Assessment of architectural heritage on site, in consultation with National Inventory of Architectural Heritage database, Record of Protected Structures, and other sources.

Analysis of industrial archaeological potential including industrial heritage surveys previously carried out by Archaeology Plan.

Analysis of County Development Plans and any appropriate Local Areas Plan(s) for relevant information.

Site Inspection to identify any upstanding remains of archaeological interest and assess the potential for additional subsurface remains.

Analysis of plans of the proposed works.

A full record of all of the above is incorporated into the report, together with relevant maps and photographs. On the basis of our assessment, the level of impact that the proposed works will have on the archaeology can be assessed, and any necessary mitigation measures can be proposed.