Industrial Heritage Surveys

County Meath

County Meath Industrial Heritage Survey & Inventory (MIHS). This desk-based project was completed by Antoine Giacometti with Siobhain Duffy and Steve McGlade for Arch-Tech Ltd.  The Meath Industrial Heritage Survey is moving to an exciting new stage in 2020 where a selection of sites will be visited and recorded, much like the NIAH inventory.   The report and figures are hosted on the Meath County Council website.

County Kildare

County Kildare Industrial Archaeological Heritage Survey & Inventory (KDIAH). Download the Kildare Industrial Heritage inventory.

County Longford

Longford Industrial Heritage Survey & Inventory (LIHS). Download Longford Industrial Heritage Survey Download Longford Industrial Heritage Maps 1-15 Download Longford Industrial Heritage Maps 16-27

County Westmeath

The Westmeath Industrial Heritage Survey was a desk-based project.  It can be downloaded from the Heritage section of the Westmeath County Council website. This project is due to be supplemented with a field-survey to make it even more useful for planners and developers.